Facility for Spiritual Growth

The physical, mental and emotional development aims at building up the personality, raising the individual out of the amorphous subconscious mass and making him/her a well-defined self conscious entity. This needs to be supplemented with the spiritual education of the individual, giving him the true motive of life, the reason of his existence upon Earth, the very discovery to which life must lead and result of that discovery.

Keeping this in mind, the Central Board has laid down: "It is expected that students should have undergone courses/activities aimed at moral and spiritual values."

The school has a comprehensive programme of imparting spiritual values.

This is done through:

  1. The singing of devotional hymns at the Morning Assembly.
  2. Interpretation of prayers and scriptures.
  3. Celebration of religious festivals.
  4. Organizing lectures on different religious occasions.
  5. Formal teaching of Divinity in the classes. All the students are required to undergo a course in Divinity which is treated as a subject.
  6. Special Value Education Project in the school.