School Safety Norms

School Safety Norms


1.     The safety, security, and wellbeing of children in the school is our prime duty and responsibility. It has always been a top priority and we have laid down strict rules for this purpose.

2.     The entry point of the school is closely monitored and only the parents are allowed to enter the school premises. Relatives and other outsiders are not permitted.

3.     The parents can come to the school with proper Identity card from the main gate after noting down the purpose of their visit in the visitor’s register. They are strictly forbidden to go to the classes.

4.     The access to school building by outsiders is controlled and visitors are monitored. A ‘Visitor Register’ is kept and the guard deployed at the gate, keeps a proper record and vigil of the visitors.

5.     Security in class rooms is regularly monitored. The teachers take attendance of the children at the beginning of school, after lunch, and at the time of dispersal.

6.     Besides, it is utmost important that children are aware and well equipped to follow the safety norms.

7.     The teachers regularly teach the children safety skills & counsel them to be cautious all the time without becoming afraid.

8.     Supervisory In-charge have been directed to remain in their respective wings till all the students have left. In case of any emergency, the Supervisory In-charge depute teachers who remain after the school until the parents come to pick up their wards.

9.  Teachers have been allotted duty at the gates in the beginning and closing of the school. The teachers taking the last class period, are not allowed to leave their respective classrooms until all the students have left the floor.

10.  The students are not allowed to leave the school during the working hours without gate pass which is signed by Class teacher, Supervisory Head and Receptionist.

11.  The students are strictly forbidden to come to school in self driven vehicles. Parents must ensure that their wards follow the school rules.

12.  Students are regularly sensitized about Net Safety and ill effects of social media. In this regard, the parents are also issued advisory besides apprising them in the class-wise Parent Orientation Programs.

13.  All the school gates, manned by trained security guards, are kept locked. Roof top of the school is not accessible to the students and it is always kept locked and manned by the school caretaker.

14. The girls are made aware about sexual offences against girl child. They are encouraged to report any abuse to the class teacher, Supervisory In-charge and parents and seek their advice in handling such sensitive issues.

15. For calamities such as earthquakes, fire and riots, a basic process and system is in place in the school for evacuation and dealing with such calamities. The School Disaster Management Team conducts periodic drills with adequate, well-labelled emergency exits, in accordance with the safety plan.

16. Many private vans, TSRs and E-Rickshaws are being hired by parents as a mode of transport for their ward/s. In the interest of students’ safety and security, Parents are requested not to engage any such private cabs or TSRs etc. specially those that do not have a proper permit from the transport department or are unregistered for ferrying school children.

17. Time to time, the parents are given circulars regarding the safety and security of the children and asked to strictly adhere to all the safety rules laid down by the school as per the guidelines issued by the Directorate of Education.

18.The school has already constituted separate committees to redress the grievances of staff, parents & students.

19. The school authorities have developed an effective grievances redressal plan in school and constituted separate committees for it.