From the Director's Desk

Education is not accumulation of Information with the sole purpose of achieving high ranks. True education is nurturing the inherent talent of the children and equipping them with essential life skills and moral values. In the School, our constant endeavour is to impart broad based quality education and the thrust is on the holistic development of the children so as to make them well-rounded and wholesome human beings. Teaching children to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is the best.

We firmly believe that education should be formative and not informative, constructive and not instructive. Guru Tegh Bahadur 3rd Centenary Public School is a temple of learning where child's inner worth is recognised, skills are honed, character is sculpted, talent is unleashed and excellence is a way of life. Every child moving out of the portals of this institution is prepared well to harness life's positive forces and face the complex world with incredible zest and vitality.

We have striven hard to imbibe our children with the virtues of perseverance, dignity, integrity, valour, fortitude and obedience. The academic atmosphere of the school reverberates with the great values of rectitude, reverence and righteousness, espoused by our holy gurus & saints. Our children are the most important gift of God and the onus of moulding and shaping them into well rounded and well groomed personalities, equipped with all possible human values, rests upon us.

Times are fast changing and with that the perception of education too has changed. We are at a threshold of time when a higher degree of calmness and equanimity is required in every sphere. The children have to be inspired and motivated that success and failure, joys and sufferings are the two facets of the same coin & they have to face every situation in life with equal aplomb. The focus has to be on finding solutions and not pitfalls. The school motto inspires us to face adversities bravely - with stars in the eyes, hope in the heart and feet firmly planted on the earth, move ahead with a mission, with consistency and commitment, with dedication and devotion.