Bloom Club Activities



"Learning gives creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides Knowledge. Knowledge makes you great."

Co-curricular activities are so designed that children learn to appreciate the positive features of our own composite culture and have faith in their rich heritage. The high ideals we preach are not in words but in action also. The children are sensitized to the need of the old, the underprivileged and the distressed. Visits are planned and they participate wholeheartedly to provide help & relief to the needy. Eco club of the school has been actively working to create a love for animals and birds and care for environment. The children are taught to live in harmony with Mother Nature. Talks, seminars and orientation programmes are organized for teachers also to enable them to develop required skills and competencies to train the children. The first Friday of each month is for beautification drive. The children clean up their bags, classroom, school & surroundings.

Blooms Club Activities (2019-2020)

Class I-III
Month Activities
April Self-Introduction
  Know your School Almanac
May How to tie Shoe laces, Ribbons & Patka
  Mother’s Day Activity
July Best out of Waste
  Mask Making
August Rakhi Making
  Decoration of Pot for Janmashtami
  Kite Making
September Teachers’ Day Card Making
  Paper Plate Craft
October Paper Lamp Decoration
  Diya/ Candle Decoration
November Clay Moulding
  Cooking without fire
December Making Santa Claus
  New Year Greeting Card
January Tri-Colour Paper Flower
  Winter Craft
February Winter Carnival (I and II Std)