Moral Development


The school gives primary importance and lot of emphasis to Value education and Value inculcation. Moral development and building a sterling character go hand in hand with academic excellence. We believe that values cannot be taught in isolation and merely by preaching. For this purpose, we have interwoven our curriculum & activities with core values in such a way that right from the day a toddler enters our school, till the day he leaves the school as a sensitive teenager, he experiences and imbibes values each day. Eventually, these values form a part of his character and existence. The general ambience of the school is very conducive to learning the desirable virtues.

Value education is being carried out in our school in the following four broad formats:

  1. Special Project
  2. Story telling, puppetry & role-play
  3. Awakened Citizen Programme
  4. Co-curricular Activities
  5. Divinity Society
"For great men, religion is a way of making friends; small people make religion a fighting tool."

Story Telling, Puppetry & Role play

In primary classes, puppetry and story telling have been successfully used for putting an idea across the mind of the children and moulding their behaviour. It is a very effective & enjoyable method of teaching and learning and has borne very exciting results. The children try to emulate these characters in their real life too. Value based story telling is also a part of the curriculum. The moral inputs come from the stories and ingrained in the mind. Once the students have heard, seen or enacted these values, they record them in their value education notebooks. Besides this the students also write one good deed they do every day.